Alante Sport


The Alante brand name continues to mean a good value, high quality and style with the all-new ...

Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel


Overview of the Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel The Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel travel scooter by Golden Technologies ...

BuzzAround Extreme


The all new Golden BuzzAround Extreme Scooter features the portability and ...

Buzzaround Lite by Golden


  IMPROVED Buzzaround Lite! We've made our popular compact scooter even better! ...

Buzzaround XL 3-Wheel GB117D


The Buzzaround XL offers more standard features to make your riding experience better than ever. Featuring ...

Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel


The Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel Scooter offers the easy transportability of smaller travel scooters ...

Buzzaround XLHD


The Buzzaround XLHD offers all the features of the Buzzaround XL plus more! Featuring a wraparound ...

Buzzaround XL-HD


The Buzzaround XL-HD offers more standard features to make your riding experience better than ...

Buzzaround XLS 3-wheel scooter


Overview of the Golden Buzzaround XLS 3-wheel scooter The next generation of the popular ...

Buzzaround XLS 4-WHEELS


Experience the most comfortable scooter in the portable travel scooter category with the 2015 Buzzaround ...

Buzzaround XLS HD GB147Z


The Buzzaround XLS Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Scooter features compact portability with a heavy-duty ...

Buzzaround XLS-HD


Product Description The Buzzaround XLS-HD offers more standard features to make your riding experience ...



The Cambridge has been recently re-designed to provide more support, and re-sized both models to better fit more people. The PR401-SME is the small/medium and the PR401-MLA is the medium/large.

Capri Lift Chair


The Golden Capri offers two positions to enhance seating with slightly firmer lumbar support. Its ...

Cirrus Lift Chair


The new Cirrus lift chair features Golden Technologies pocketed coil spring for enhanced comfort. ...

Cloud Series Lift Chair


Enjoy zero gravity positioning for maximum comfort and relaxation with the Cloud Series lift chair. Use the Memory Button to lock in your favorite position and feel like you're floating on a cloud every time you are seated!

Comforter Extra Wide Lift Chair


Golden Technologies knows that one size does not fit all. That's why they designed this extra wide chair in the Comforter Series. The Extra Wide option has the same strength and support, but built with wider seating areas and greater lifting capacities.

Comforter Wide Lift Chair


Golden Technologies knows that one size does not fit all. That's why they designed this extra wide ...

Companion 3-Wheel Scooter GC340


Overview of the Companion 3-Wheel Scooter The new Golden Companion full-size three-wheel scooter ...

Companion 4-Wheel


Overview of the Companion 4-Wheel The Golden Companion full-size four-wheel scooter features a ...

Compass HD


The Golden Compass HD offers you a stable, center-wheel-drive platform and an articulating chassis ...

Compass Sport


The Golden Compass Sport GP605 comes standard with the new Dynamic Linx controller! The Dynamic ...



Golden has taken the DayDreamer PowerPillow lift chair to the next level of comfort by adding their exclusive Cloud seating

Golden Avenger 4-Wheel Heavy Duty


Golden Technologies GR541D Avenger 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Full Day/ Full Use Scooter The Golden ...

Golden GR575D Patriot 4-Wheel Heavy Duty


Golden Technologies GR575D Patriot 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Full Day/ Full Use Scooter The Golden Patriot ...



The articulating headrest and power lumbar system allow to customize the chair to your comfort, but still more features are included to make this chair a new favorite.

LiteRider 4-Wheel


Overview of the LiteRider 4-Wheel The LiteRider 4-wheel by Golden Technologies is a full-size ...

LiteRider™ ENVY


The world’s lightest, most transportable and maneuverable cash retail power chair is the ...



The MaxiComfort Cloud with Twilight positioning uses Golden Technologies' using patent pending ...

MaxiComforter Lift Chair


MaxiComfort Series from Golden Technologies is now available in four sizes, including the ...

Monarch Lift Chair


The Monarch combines a generously stuffed seam back with a soft supportive seat. Its three-way ...



Introducing the world’s first three-position power recliner with Twilight Technology! Our dual-motor system comes standard and allows for a deeper recline to achieve rejuvenating positions no other three-position chair on the market offers.

Relaxer Lift Chair


The Relaxer Lift Chair is part of Golden Technologies MaxiComfort Series. This means it comes ...



Finding a lift chair to accommodate tight spaces is tough. Enter the Space Saver PR-931 by Golden Technologies. The Space Saver offers incredible comfort you can expect from Golden Tech chairs with space-friendly, wall-hugging design.

The Comforter Lift Chair


No matter how tall you are, the Comforter Lift chair has a size just for you - actually five ...



Classy pub-style chair with whisper-quiet dual motors for relaxing comfort.

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