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Overview of the Quickie Xenon

The new Xenon from Quickie comes in three types of frames: Fixed Frame, Hybrid, and Swing Away.  Each of the frame designs features a unique cross-brace that allows the chair to fold.  The cross-brace is so minimal and tucked so well under the seat that it is barely visible.  This creates an open-frame appearance and feel that is usually reserved for rigid frame chairs.  So you get the transportability convenience of a folding frame chair with the sturdiness of a rigid frame wheelchair.  The Fixed Frame model features permanent legrests providing minimal tubing, the most rigid-like feeling frame of the three options, and the lightest starting weight of the three frames at 19.4 lbs.  The Hybrid frame offers a reinforced fixed frame with a dual tube to the caster area which provides greater frame strength and the highest weight capacity of the three options at 300 lbs.  The Swing Away frame features swing away legrests to make transfers in and out of the wheelchair easier.  The Swing Away option also has a dual tube reinforced frame and has the most compact folded dimensions of the three options to make transporting easy.
What Makes It Different
The unique cross-brace is a real change from what you have seen on folding frame chairs.  The minimal size keeps the folding components small and out of site.  The Xenon looks and performs like what you expect from a rigid frame chair.  The minimal cross-brace also helps to keep the chair lightweight.  Combining lightweight with a very compact folding frame, makes the Xenon an ideal chair for travel and transport.

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