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Overview of the Zippie ZONE

The Zippie ZONE by Sunrise Medical is an innovative pediatric rigid chair with lots of features and options.  It is the lightest weight pediatric chair on the market weighing as little as 14 lbs and the frame features Shapeloc Technology that is lighter than titanium, more rigid and less expensive.  The chair also has a wheellock in the sideguard that is easy to reach and one lever locks both wheels and with a flip-up angle adjustable footrest the chair is easy to get in and out of.
The Zippie ZONE is geared towards those needing a functional but fun chair.  It is available in a variety of frame colors and anodized color packages to customize your look.  The chair has 3" of built-in depth adjustability, as well as an additional 2" of seat sling apholstry folded in the front so it can grow with your child. When the frame width needs to be adjusted it is as simple as replacing four tubes, the seat, back, camber and footrest.  Additional adjustments on the Zippie ZONE include independent center of gravity adjustments in 1/4" increments (up to +2.25") and a backrest and axle system that adjust together to maintain the center of gravity to backrest position.

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