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  1. The Spectra wrist brace is designed to immobilize the wrist at a neutral angle. Its single-pull lacing closure makes it easier to apply than a conventional wrist brace, meeting the needs of patients with arthritis and other hand dexterity issues.
  2. Wicking liner moves moisture away from the skin for increased comfort.
  3. Single-pull lace closure enables easy application.
  4. Adjustable webspace strap allows size adjustment for increased comfort.
  5. Removable/adjustable p almar stay provides adjustability of immobilization angle 4 Suede soft good material is durable and breathable
  6. Mild to moderate sprains and strains.
  7. Tendonitis.
  8. Carpal Tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries.
  9. Post-cast healing.
  1. Other selected soft tissue injuries


Size Chart
Exoform Wrist
Item# Left      Item# Right            Size                   Wrist Circ.                  U/M

6602210         6602315             X-Small             up to 5.5"                    1 ea

6602422         6602535             Small                    5.5-6.25"                    1 ea

6602624         6602734             Medium              6.25-7"                        1 ea

6602755         6602793              Large                  7-7.75"                        1 ea

6602826         6602932             X-Large              7.75-8.5"                     1 ea

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