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With independent controls, mothers can customize their pump settings to their own body’s response and achieve multi-phase pumping.
Babies change sucking speed to achieve multiple milk ejections during a breastfeeding session. Using the Ameda Platinum pump, mothers can also adjust their speed higher to help trigger multiple milk ejections and lower to help drain the breast several times while pumping.
Also, research has shown pumping at your highest comfortable suction setting yields more milk. The Ameda Platinum lets mothers adjust suction during a pumping session. This flexibility allows a mother to pump at her own personal comfort level. With three Easy-to-Read LCD Screens, moms can return to their own preferred settings day and night. A built-in timer makes following pumping schedules and protocols easier. The pump automatically shuts off after 60 minutes. The Soft Touch Control Panel has an intuitive design with easy to locate settings and power buttons. The suction control is displayed in percentage units of 1-100% rather than mmHg. Graphical elements change as mothers increase or decrease their speed or suction setting. Built-in Dual Bottle Holders securely hold most standard bottles upright on top of the pump. For milk bags or smaller containers, the breast flange can be placed in the bottle holders to help prevent spills

Product Specifications

  • Speed Range: 30-80 cycles per minute (cpm)
  • Suction Levels: 30-250 mmHg
  • Length: 9.75in
  • Width: 10.5in
  • Height: 8in
  • Weight: 9.7lbs
  • Operating Input Voltage: 100VAC to 240VAC

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